Reels and Media


Theatrical: MINC Talent (323) 320-4116                                 Commercial: Coast To Coast Talent (323) 845-9200


Film/New Media

It's Asian Men!               Lead, Producer         dir. NaRhee Ahn
Digital Shadows            Lead, Producer         dir. David Ngo/Kevin del Principe
Onigiri                           Lead                        dir. Lehnny Acuna
Irish Blood                     Lead                        dir. Stephen Dypiangco
Soul Meet                      Supporting      Romix Productions
Phil                                Supporting              Romix Productions
Lil Tokyo Reporter          Supporting              dir. Jeffrey Chin
One Mistake        Supporting              Bold Measures Productions
Cut the Fat          Supporting              dir. Jin Yoo-Kim
Akira's Hip-Hop Shop     Supporting              dir. Joe Doughirty


Eli Stone                        Co-Star                    ABC Studios


Flash Theater 0, 5, 9, 14          Various                                    Playwright’s Arena
Failure to the Family               Yang, Lead                               Write Act Repertory
Bow Down To                          Various, Sketch comedy           18 Mighty Mountain Warriors
      Your Asian Masters     
Just Like White People           Various, Sketch comedy            18 Mighty Mountain Warriors
Trojan Women                         Chorus,  u/s Andromache         Lodestone Theatre Co.
Snark-a-Snoops                       Longtongue Bat                        Snark-a-Snoops Productions
The Memory of Salt                 Salt Maiden                              Animus Ensemble
Kokoro                                    Fuyo                                         Asian American Theater Collaborative
Don’s Laundromat                   Mrs. Chang                               Asian American Theater Collaborative
Macbeth                                 First Witch/ First Murderer       Runnals Theater


B. A. – Colby College
Acting (Hagen) – Jack Axelrod, Laura Gardner (Howard Fine Acting Studio)
Acting (Meisner) – David Blanchard
Audition Technique – Annie Grindlay, Heidi Helen Davis
Scene Study – Art Wolff, Marilyn Tokuda
On-camera – John Swanbeck, Peter Kelley
Improv – Impro Theater, Cold Tofu Improv
Commercial – Judy Kain, Carolyne Barry, Amy van Horne
Voice-Over – Lori Tritel
Voice (Linklater) – Dwight Bacquie
Stage Combat – Tony Woolf, Ted Hewlett


Languages – Fluent Japanese (avail for ADR, interpreting, translating and coaching)
Dialects – Japanese
Former EMT (NREMT-B), horseback Archer, English Horseback: Hunter/Jumper (15+ years), endurance riding, martial arts, weapons, Aikido (5 years), Japanese Style weapons (3 years; sword, staff, knife), rapier, capoeira, and fire spinning (poi), fire arms (Colt, Beretta, M4)