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My very first foray into interpreting was when I was 16 years old for the Osaka Mikoshi group who was doing a mikoshi (portable shrine) demonstration in Chicago. Since arriving in Los Angeles in 2005, interpreting has been rewarding and lucrative. I built my resume from the ground up with small jobs such as interpreting for visiting Japanese production design students at Citrus College. By 2006, I had gotten connected to an organization called the Little Tokyo Community Council (LTCC) who was looking for a second simultaneous interpreter. I was looking to make the next step and up for the challenge of learning a new skill. Soon, I was simultaneously interpreting LTCC's 90~120 minutes meetings by myself. I went on to serve LTCC and the Little Tokyo community as their interpreter for the next 10 years. In the fall of 2014, I also had an incredible opportunity to work on Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight  as the interpreter and assistant to the production designer, Yohei Taneda. I got a call on Thursday, interviewed with the line producer on Friday, and was on a plane on Tuesday to go location scouting with key members of the production team including the director and DP, Robert Richardson. I was with The Hateful Eight for 6 months. This experience opened other doors and my client list has grown. My speciality is in Entertainment as well as business, logistics, and biology/medicine (BA in Biochemistry).

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Past clients (partial list) // 過去のクライエント(一部)

・Little Tokyo Service Center ・ Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) ・Japanese American National Museum ・ Viz Media・
・Metro, Los Angeles ・ PrincessCruises ・ Dentsu Casting and Entertainment inc.・ Shout! Factory ・

Below is some footage of my work! // 仕事現場からの動画をご覧になって下さい!

I'm on the far left! 向かって一番左にいます!

I'm on the far left! 向かって一番左にいます!

With director Sunao Katabuchi for his film "In This Corner of the World" 「この世界の片隅で」の片渕監督の通訳

With director Sunao Katabuchi for his film "In This Corner of the World"